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i still cant excape :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((itscary :(

Loved this version of the backrooms! Only thing is I wish the monster was a little scarier. But all in all a great game! Definitely sent chills up my spine with the eerie atmosphere! 

Here is my playthrough: 

I honestly never really got the Backrooms appeal, but decided to give this game a try. Honestly? I was ready to complain about it, but it's not really THAT bad. 

It's really short but intuitive. There are clues as to how to complete it and the ending "puzzle" is really easy. But it's atmospheric. Not to the extent of really scaring you with its aura alone, but you can get a jumpscare or two if you REALLY want to explore the game. The constant noise (or almost lack of it) and the level itself are really charming, but it lacks replayability once ou complete it for the first time. Honestly? If the "scary entity" were to be more ruthless and more present, it would already help this game out a lot. Also, if the clues were better hidden, it would be even better. But honestly, for a quick/initial playthrough? It's quite alright, but you'll probably just try it once more to finish faster. 

Now, i don't care about graphics, at all, but i ran this game on an i3 ASUS Laptop, with integrated graphics and 4gb RAM. On the lowest settings? It runs really well, so that is already a big thumbs up from me. Some graphic glitches here and there, but a smooth play none the less. 

Overall? Try it once. Complete it. You'll feel compelled to complain about how short it is and how it isn't scary, but you'll end up seeing that this game has a lot of potential. 

PS: To the Dev, don't bother with new levels. Perfect this one. Make it slightly harder, and make the final puzzle slightly harder. That alone will make this game appeal to a wider audience. 

I played the Backrooms for the first time! Good game!!

there's no , controller support for xbox. all i can set is jump and crouch

The game was fun but some bugs came at the end , either way the game has potential and can't wait to see more.


Ghost man spooky

(2nd game I play)

Buenardo me gusto el juego
Me hubiese gustado que fuese un poco mas largo pero bueno :(

how do you open game, on what mediem. Like when i try to open it, it brings up this thing asking what to open it on and I have no clue what to open

you have to extract the files

Its a Really Good Game, Jumpscares got me Good too

That was fun but I want to see more levels and more enemies. :) 4/5

Good game! Enjoyed the atmosphere and some of the jumpscares made me shit myself big time. Thanks for making it!

Short video cause I just kept certain parts.. I got scared and my heart sank because of that thing?

The setting and atmosphere of the game made it more challenging. I really enjoyed the game 

Gameplay PT-BR


I really liked the visuals which looked very realistic and the jittering animation. Short yet enjoyable game.

Good Game

good game I included it in my compilation

Damn that was so good! Am new to backrooms and this was a good point to start <3 would mean the world if you checked out my vid :)

good game! made me jump when i first ran into "it". definitely the best backrooms game i've played yet

This is the ONLY backrooms game i have enjoyed!

This was an enjoyable game of the backrooms. I had a fun time playing it!

Cons:  It doesn't have much replayability since the code is the same when you replay it. The monster (person?) chasing the player didn't show up very much when I played it so there was not really much threat as I was playing it.

Pros: The controls felt nice and responsive. I like the voices leading the player to the exit and it was more than just ambiance to distract the player. The level design was very "Backrooms"-esque and made me get lost a couple of times lol.


don't jump in the hole....

Not bad for such a short horror game. The atmosphere is quite good. You can watch my playthrough here:

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Pretty good game!


Just 1 question though, Backrooms, is it an example of Analog Horror

Maybe I'm not too familiar :(

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Spooked me once, worth playing!

Still have nightmares about this. 

The Best Game!


The Backrooms haha if you know, you know! And now the terror is brought to life! I love how when you hear the footsteps, it seems like it can come from any direction. They're soo frickin loud that it seems like the beast is right on top of you! All I wanted to do was investigate and take in the clues, but when you hear him, PANIC MODE ENGAGED, and I'm getting the frick outta there!

Great Work!

great game, i did notice a few little glitches like...i'd die then restart and then die right many touch that code to not kill when you respawn...and when dying while entering the respawn at the code box then it transports you back to another spot....other than that I wasn't a big fan of the ghost like feature which it going dark, I like that backrooms are light and you can see what's coming at you...but i wishlisted and steam and will keep an eye out for the complete version!

Genuinely scared the sh*t out of me, great job! 

Very well made

I loved this game

this one scary ass game. and who better then to watch ya boy kaanDAninja on it :)
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i think you can do a no enemy mode for exploration or multiplayer

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