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i had a lot of fun playing this one MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YR

really enjoyed this game, started out cute and promptly turned into jumpscares, keep up the good work!

Gran juego! GRACIAS

Good Job

I enjoyed the sleigh driving! You gotta make more of this! Happy Holidays to everyone!

I liked this game a lot! Great Christmas horror game!

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Great! But I couldn't figure out what to do at first.

(First game I play)

I had a lot of fun, took me a bit to understand what I was suppose to do but aside that it was neat, good work :)

amazing game ! part 2?

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Thanks! big update or part 2 next christmas, not enough time this year

awesome i cant wait to play it!!

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game need to little more polish to be little more easy to play. But for now there is a description of the how to play game on the page above. Update will be before next holidays!

Nice little game, but wish there was more to getting presents.

Really fun and interesting game1

I’m not sure this is the present Santa intended but here we are 🤷🏾‍♂️ lol

Congratulations for the excellent work!

My gameplay:

Thanks! I see that 2 jumpscares missed you. I made an update in which they are now harder to miss. :)

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Yes. I noticed that too and commented in the gameplay that I thought it was strange that the elf only appeared a few times.


this game was very enjoyable to play and the jump scares got me every time. Great game and keep it up

this game was really good, good jump scares and gameplay was pretty cool!

fun game decided not to add my video link couldnt get my face on the thumbnail to look scary enough :(

Soy el comentario en español que estabas buscando, y si we, está perrillo


this was a lot of fun!! def felt like a santa claus sim ahah but still fun! the children def jump scared me a few times ahaha. 

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This was pretty solid. For me it wasn't really spooky though haha, felt like a small little Santa Claus simulator. Overall, though not bad. Made a video on it.


Really cool game



When you have the present and try to deliver the present to the Christmas tree, nothing happens.. some controls on the page would help others i hope.. i like the flying part though.


Thanks for the video!

The game still needs an update and some bug fixes.

When you break the bauble, a gift comes out of it and you have to fly back and collect it.

I'll try to make it more visible in the next update.